The Pocket Guide to World History

Ancien Régime. Pre-Revolutionary French socio- political order. [Read more ...]

Andalusia. Region of S Spain. 9C BC Phoenecia. 210BC Rome. 5C Vandal, Visigoth. 8C Moslem. 14C Christian. 1492 Castile. [Read more ...]

Andania Mysteries. Greek cult for Demeter + Persephone. [Read more ...]

Andersen, Hans Christian. 1805-75. Danish author of fairy tales: Little Mermaid 1832, Princess and the Pea, Ugly Duckling. [Read more ...]

Anderson, Carl. 1905-91. US discovered positron, muon. [Read more ...]

Andorra. Ibericbasc. Greeks/Carthaginians/Romans/Visigoths 8C Muslim. 803 Charlemagne. 1133 Bishop of Urgell. 1159 Fiefdom of Foix. 1278- Principality under joint French, Spanish suzerainty. 1993 Constitution. Coprincipality. [Read more ...]

Andrássy, Gyula. 1823-90. Hungary’s first Prime Minister. Arranged Dual Alliance. [Read more ...]

André, John. 1750-80. British officer in American Revolution. Conspired with Benedict Arnold. [Read more ...]

Andrea del Sarto. 1486-1530. Florentine fresco painter: Annunziata frescoes. Madonna of the Harpies 1517. [Read more ...]

Andrew, St. Apostle and martyr. Patron saint of Scotland and Russia. Peter’s brother. [Read more ...]

Andrew II. 1175-1235. King of Hungary, 1202-. Signed Golden Bull. [Read more ...]

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