The Pocket Guide to World History

Forester, C.S. 1899-1966. English historical novelist. Captain Hornblower 1937-53. [Read more ...]

Formigé. Designer of gardens in Champ-de-Mars 1908. [Read more ...]

Formigny, Battle. 1450. French artillery defeat English longbow. [Read more ...]

Formosa. Taiwan. [Read more ...]

Forrest, Edwin. Macready. [Read more ...]

Forster, E. M. 1879-1970. English humanist novelist. Room With a View 1908. Passage to India 1924. [Read more ...]

Fortuna. Roman goddess of destiny. = Tyche. [Read more ...]

Fortunatus. Hero with inexhaustible purse in 15C German lit. [Read more ...]

Forum. 2C. Roman open-air meeting place. Trajan. [Read more ...]

Foster, Stephen. 1826-64. US writer of ballads, minstrel songs. Oh Susanna 1848. [Read more ...]

Foucault, Léon. 1819-68. Proved rotation of the earth in an experiment at the Pantheon, Paris, 1851. Gyroscope, 1852. [Read more ...]

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