The Pocket Guide to World History

Fontenelle, Bernard de. 1657-1757. French pre-enlightenment writer, scientist. Entretiens 1685. [Read more ...]

Fontenoy, Battle. 1745. French victory in War of Austrian Succession. [Read more ...]

Fonteyn, Margot. 1919-91. English prima ballerina. [Read more ...]

Food and Agriculture Organization. 1945- UN agency. Administers World Food Program. [Read more ...]

Forbidden City. 1421-1911. Peking. Emperor’s fortified palace. Commoners forbidden to enter. [Read more ...]

Ford, Ford Madox. 1873-1939. English writer and editor. Transatlantic Review 1924. [Read more ...]

Ford, Gerald. 1913-. Only non-elected US President 1974-6. Replaced Agnew as VP, Nixon as President pardoned Nixon. [Read more ...]

Ford, Henry. 1863-1947. US industrialist. Application of assembly line created affordable car. Model T 1908. Rivas. [Read more ...]

Ford, John. c1586-1639. English dramatist. Broken Heart 1627. [Read more ...]

Foreign Legion. 1831-. French army unit of foreign volunteers, French officers founded in Algeria. [Read more ...]

Foreign Ministers, Council of. 1945. Allies and Axis meet to create WWII Peace treaties. [Read more ...]

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