The Pocket Guide to World History

Fouché, Joseph. 1758-1820. French Revolutionary. Minister of Police 1779~1815. Secret police. Intrigued vs Robespierre 1794, Napoleon 1799,1807; Louis XVIII 1814. [Read more ...]

Foujita, Tsuguhara. 1886-1968. Japanese/French painter. [Read more ...]

Fouqué, Friedrich. 1777-1843. German Romantic writer. Undine 1811. [Read more ...]

Fouquet, Jean. 1420-70. French miniaturist. Book of Hours 1450. Charles VII 1445. [Read more ...]

Fouquet, Nicolas. 1615-80. Finance Minister to Louis XIV. Imprisoned for embezzlement after a 3 year trial at The Arsenal 1661-4. [Read more ...]

Fouquier-Tinville, Antoine. 1746-1795. Public prosecutor of the Revolutionary Tribunal during Terror. Guillotined. [Read more ...]

Four Forest Cantons. 1291 separated from Hapsburg rule. 1332 formed basis of Switzerland. [Read more ...]

Four Freedoms. 1941. Goals of Allies set forth by Roosevelt. Freedom: of expression, worship; from want, fear. [Read more ...]

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Biblical reference to war, famine, death, and Christ, to come at end of world. [Read more ...]

Four Nations, College of. 1661-1793. Paris, Established by Mazarin bequest...Institute of France. [Read more ...]

Four Noble Truths. Basic Buddhist doctrine. Existence is suffering, suppressed by following the 8-fold path. [Read more ...]

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