The Pocket Guide to World History

Flamsteed, John. 1646-1719. First Astronomer Royal of England, 1675. [Read more ...]

Flanders. Historical region of France, Belgium, Neth. 13C Cloth industry. Ghent. Bruges. [Read more ...]

Flaubert, Gustave. 1821-1880. French Realist novelist. Madame Bovary 1851. Novembre 1842. Acquitted of corrupting public morals, 1857. [Read more ...]

Flaxman, John. 1755-1826. British Neoclassical sculptor. [Read more ...]

Fleet Prison. 12C-1844. London debtors prison. [Read more ...]

Fleming, Alexander. 1881-1955. Scottish doctor, dicoverer of penicillin 1928. Florey, Chain. [Read more ...]

Fleming, Ambrose. 1849-1945. British vacuum tube inventor 1904. [Read more ...]

Fleming, Sir Sandford. 1827-1915. Scottish/Canadian scientist, engineer. CPR. Standard Time zones 1884. [Read more ...]

Flemings. Dutch speakers of north Belgium. Walloon. [Read more ...]

Flemish. School of Music. 1450-1550. Vocal contrapuntal ideal of a capella. [Read more ...]

Flemish. 15-17C school of painting. Technical skill, detail. VanEyck. Bruegel. Rubens. [Read more ...]

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