The Pocket Guide to World History

Five Dynasties. 907-60. China between T’ang and Sung dynasties. Upheaval stimulated arts. Art to represent metaphysical truth. [Read more ...]

Five Hundred, Council of. 508BC. Athens’ representative government. [Read more ...]

Five Hundred, Council of. 1795. Lower House of French Parliament. [Read more ...]

Five Mile Act. 1665. English Nonconformist clergy banned 5 miles from towns where they had preached. [Read more ...]

Five Pecks of Rice. 206-20. Chinese Taoist political movement vs poverty, instability. [Read more ...]

Five Year Plans. 1928- Russian planning cycles. [Read more ...]

Fizeau, Armand. 1819-96. French physicist. Measured speed of light, 1849. [Read more ...]

Flagellants. 13C-. Christian sects who practise self-whipping as means of salvation. [Read more ...]

Flaminian Way. 220BC. Roman road to Rimini. [Read more ...]

Flamininus, Quinctus. c227-174BC. Roman General who def Philip V of Macedonia 197BC. [Read more ...]

Flammarian, Camille. 1842-1925. French astronomer: L’astronomie Populaire. [Read more ...]

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