The Pocket Guide to World History

Fleur de Lys. National emblem of France 496-1789. Tricolour. [Read more ...]

Fleurus, Battle. 1794. Key French victory over First Coalition. [Read more ...]

FLN. 1954-62. Algerian National Liberation Front conducts war vs France. [Read more ...]

Flodden, Battle. 1513. Repelled Scotish invasion of England. James IV of Scotland killed. [Read more ...]

Flood, Great. c3000BC. Destruction of man and world by God. Forty days and night. Noah. Gilgamesh. [Read more ...]

Flora. Roman goddess of flowers. [Read more ...]

Florence. c200BC Etruscan. 59BC Rome. 1198 Independent rep. 1434 Medici. 1532 + Tuscany. 1860 Italy (1865-70 capital). [Read more ...]

Florence, Union of. 1439. Brief reconciliation of Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches. [Read more ...]

Florentine. School of Painting. 1270 Academy of Fine Arts. Express humanist ideas through art. Realism and chiarascuro. DaVinci, Michelangelo, Raphael. [Read more ...]

Florey, Howard. 1898-1968. British. Isolated Penicillin with Chain,1928. Fleming. [Read more ...]

Florian, Jean-Pierre de. 1755-94. French fable writer. [Read more ...]

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