The Pocket Guide to World History

Anabaptists. 1520- Christian sect. Adult baptism. No clergy. Salvation via faith. Millenialist. Hutterites, Mennonites, Quakers. Peasants War. [Read more ...]

Anacreon. c582-485BC. Greek lyric poet. [Read more ...]

Analytical Psychology. Jungian psychology. [Read more ...]

Ananias. Early Christian struck dead for lying to Peter. [Read more ...]

Anarchism. 19C Philosophy: “Every man should be his own government, his own law, his own church”-Owen. Thoreau’s return to nature, passive resistance, and no taxes influenced Ghandi. Proudhon. Tolstoy. Godwin. [Read more ...]

Anarchism, Communistic. Marxist revolutionary version of anarchism that seeks to overthrow the state. Bakunin. Kropotkin. Assassinated: Sadi-Carnot, Empress Elizabeth, Umberto I, McKinley. [Read more ...]

Anastasia. 1901-18.Daughter of Nicholas II, allegedly survived family execution. [Read more ...]

Anatolia. 1900BC Hittite(C)/ Akkadian(E). 1200BC Phrygian. 8C Lydia. 546 Cyrus. 334BC Alexander. 133 AD Rome...Byzantine. 1071 Seljuk. 1243 Mongol/Crusaders. 1307 Ottoman. 1920 Turkey. [Read more ...]

Anaxagoras. c500-428BC. Ionian rational philosopher. Mind can move matter. Eclipses. [Read more ...]

Anaximander. c611-547BC. Miletan (Greek) philosopher. First Greek maps. Attempted systematic explanation of Universe. Named zodiac signs 560BC. [Read more ...]

Anaximenes. -c570BC. Miletan (Gr) philosopher: quantitive differences of substances. All matter is air. [Read more ...]

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