The Pocket Guide to World History

Festus, Sextus. 2C. Roman lexicographer. On the Meaning of Words. [Read more ...]

Fetterman Massacre. 1866. Red Cloud-led Sioux kill 80 US Soldiers. [Read more ...]

Feudalism. 8-14C. Social system. Lord grants land rights (fiefs) to vassals in return for military or other service. Manorialism. Seignorialism. [Read more ...]

Feuerbach, Ludwig. 1804-72. German philosopher. God is illusion. Immortality of man is only through works and offspring. Thoughts on Death 1830. [Read more ...]

Feuillants. 1577- Cistercian order. [Read more ...]

Feuillants Club. 1791. French moderate monarchists. [Read more ...]

Féval, Paul. 1817-87. French writer: Bossu. [Read more ...]

Fianna Fáil. 1926-. Irish political party vs 1921 treaty. De Valera. [Read more ...]

Fibonacci, Leonardo. 1170-1240. Pisa mathematician. Book of Abacus 1202. Fibonacci Numbers 1203. Practica Geometrica 1220. [Read more ...]

Fichte, Johann. 1762-1814. German Nationalist Idealist philosopher. Influenced Totalitarianism. Addresses to the German Nation 1807-8. [Read more ...]

Ficino, Marsilio. 1433-99. Italian philosopher. Translated Greek classics to Latin. Theologia Platonicum 1482. [Read more ...]

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