The Pocket Guide to World History

Ferdinand II of Aragon. 1452-1516. Unified Spain with Isabella. Equipped Columbus. Expelled Moors and Jews. Began Inquisition. [Read more ...]

Ferdinand III. 1199-1252. King of Castile and Leon. Pushed Moors from most of Spain. [Read more ...]

Ferdinand VII. 1784-1833. Spanish King, 1808, 1814-33. Favoured Isabella II to succeed. Carlist Wars led to loss of Spanish power and possessions. [Read more ...]

Fermat, Pierre de. 1601-65. French mathematician/jurist. Modern Number Theory. Last Theorem 1631: There does not exist xn+yn=zn for n>2; x,y,z ε N. Proved by Wiles 1995. [Read more ...]

Fermi, Enrico. 1901-54. Italian/US atomic physicist. Transuranic elements. [Read more ...]

Ferrara-Florence, Council of. 1438-45. Failed attempt to re-unite Latin and Greek churches. [Read more ...]

Ferry, Jules. 1832-93. French premier 1880~5. Expanded empire. Compulsory secular education 1882. Dissolved Jesuits. [Read more ...]

Fersen, Hans. 1755-1810. Swedish. Failed attempt to save Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. [Read more ...]

Fertile Crescent. 8000BC- ME region from Nile to Euphrates. Birthplace of civilization. [Read more ...]

Festival of Federation. 14 July,1790. Celebration of first anniversary of Storming the Bastille. 300,000 people. [Read more ...]

Festival of the Supreme Being. 8 June 1794. Declared by Robespierre and designed by David. [Read more ...]

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