The Pocket Guide to World History

Fiefs. Feudalism. [Read more ...]

Field of Cloth of Gold. 1520. Kings of France and England meet near Calais to propose alliances. [Read more ...]

Fielding, Henry. 1707-54. English picaresque novelist: Tom Jones 1749; Amelia 1751. [Read more ...]

Fifteen Years War. 1591-1606. Austria vs Turkey over Transylvania. Stopped Turkish expansion in Europe. [Read more ...]

Fifth Column. 1936. Fascists within besieged Madrid who assisted Franco’s attackers. Term generally applied to subversives since. [Read more ...]

Fifth Monarchy Men. 1645- English Puritan Millenialist anarchists. Venner led rebellions 1657,61. [Read more ...]

Fiji. Melanesians. 1643 Tasman discovers. 1874 British 1970 Independent. [Read more ...]

Filibuster. Obstruction of bill passage by prolonged debate in US Senate. [Read more ...]

Filibusters. 1850s. US adventurers who illegally organized revolutions in Central America. Walker. [Read more ...]

Filioque. “and from the son” added to Nicene Creed in 6C, causing East-West Schism. [Read more ...]

Fillmore, Millard. 1800-74. US President 1850-3. Delayed Civil War. Know Nothing Party 1856. [Read more ...]

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