The Pocket Guide to World History

Fellini, Federico. 1920-95. Italian symbolist filmmaker. La Dolce Vita 1960. [Read more ...]

Fellow Travellers. 1917. Russian writers not actively supporting the revolution. Communist sympathizers who are not party members. [Read more ...]

Felton, Rebecca. 1835-1930. First US woman senator 1922. Symbolic appointment for 2 days. [Read more ...]

Feminism. 20C Women’s movement to achieve equality with men. [Read more ...]

Fénelon, François. 1651-1715. French theologian. Quietism 1696. Telemachus 1698. [Read more ...]

Fenians. 1858. Secret US society of Irish emigrants seeking Irish autonomy. Raided Canada 1866,70,71. [Read more ...]

Ferber, Edna. 1887-1968. US writer. Show Boat. [Read more ...]

Ferdinand. 1861-1948. Crown prince 1887-, First czar of Bulgaria 1908-18. Fought Ottomans. Gained independence. [Read more ...]

Ferdinand. 1865-1927. Romanian king 1914-. Doubled size by treaties. [Read more ...]

Ferdinand I. c1016-1065. King of Castile and Leon. Began expulsion of Moors. [Read more ...]

Ferdinand I. 1793-1875. Austrian Emperor 1835-48. Abdicated. [Read more ...]

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