The Pocket Guide to World History

Family Pact. 1863. Maximilian renounces claims to Austrian throne to be Emperor of Mexico. [Read more ...]

Faneuil Hall. 1742-. Boston “cradle of American liberty”. [Read more ...]

Faraday, Michael. 1791-1867. English physicist: electromagnetic induction. Ether effect 1818. Electric motor 1821. Dynamo 1831. Electrolysis 1833. Faraday effect 1845. [Read more ...]

Fargo, William. 1818-81. Founded American Express 1850, Wells Fargo 1852. [Read more ...]

Farinelli, Carlo. 1705-82. Italian castrato soprano. [Read more ...]

Farmers-General. 17C French financiers who bought right to collect taxes for a fixed fee. [Read more ...]

Farnese, Alessandro. 1545-92. Italian/Spanish governor of Netherlands. Quelled rebellion. [Read more ...]

Farouk I. 1920-65. Egyptian king 1936-52. Vs Wafd. Coup by Nasser-led Free Officers. [Read more ...]

Farragut, David. 1801-70. Union Civil War admiral. -“Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!”. [Read more ...]

Fascism. 1919-45. Totalitarian movement combining Socialist theories and Nationalism. State as highest value. Mussolini. Falange. Nazism. [Read more ...]

Fashoda Incident. 1898. British/French dispute over Sudan. French renounce claims. Entente Cordiale 1904. [Read more ...]

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