The Pocket Guide to World History

Faisal II. 1935-58. Pro-western last Iraqi king 1939-. Killed in coup. [Read more ...]

Falange. 1933-37. Spanish Fascist party founded by Primo de Rivera. Merged with Franco 1937. Won civil war. [Read more ...]

Falkland Is. 1592 Davis discovers. 1764 British settle. 1774-1811 Spanish. 1829 Argentina claims (Malvinas). 1833 British. [Read more ...]

Falklands, Battle. 1914. British destroy German fleet. [Read more ...]

Falklands War. 1982. Britain defeats Argentine invasion. Falklands remain British. [Read more ...]

Fall, Albert. 1861-1944. US senator convicted in Teapot Dome scandal. [Read more ...]

Falla, Manuel de. 1876-1946. Spanish composer influenced by folk music, Debussy. Nights in the Garden of Spain 1916. [Read more ...]

Fallen Timbers, Battle. 1794. US defeat NW Confederation Indians, ending resistance. [Read more ...]

Falloux, Frédéric. 1811-56. French politician. Sponsored Law on Education: Loi Falloux. [Read more ...]

Family Compact. 1733,43,61. Spanish Bourbons support French wars. [Read more ...]

Family Compact. Small conservative group dominates government of Upper Canada leading to 1837 Rebellion. Mackenzie. [Read more ...]

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