The Pocket Guide to World History

Fatalism. Whatever will be will be. [Read more ...]

Fates. Three goddesses who determines the birth, life, and death of a man. [Read more ...]

Fatima. c606-33. Daughter of Mohammad. Matriarch of Fatimids. Wife of Ali, Shi’ite leader. [Read more ...]

Fatima. Portuguese site of pilgrimage since sighting of Virgin Mary by Santos1917. [Read more ...]

Fatimid. 909-1171. N African, Middle East Shi’ite Empire. [Read more ...]

Faulkner, William. 1897-1962. American novelist of US south. The Sound and the Fury 1929. [Read more ...]

Faunus. Roman woodland deity. = Pan. [Read more ...]

Faure, Felix. 1841-99. French president. Fashoda. Dreyfus. [Read more ...]

Faust(us). c1540 German necromancer/astrologer who is said to have sold his soul to the devil. Goethe, Marlowe tragedies. [Read more ...]

Fauvism. 1898-1908. Violently colored and distorted painting expressing strong emotion. Matisse. Roualt. Puy. [Read more ...]

Favre, Jules. 1809-80. French statesman. Opposed Napoleon III. [Read more ...]

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