The Pocket Guide to World History

Amorites. 1900-1600BC. Babylonian civilization conquered Sumerians. Hammurabi. [Read more ...]

Ampère, André. 1775-1836. Physicist: related magnetism to electric current, 1820. Galvanometer 1824. [Read more ...]

Amphion. Thebian king with magic lyre. [Read more ...]

Amphitrite. Greek sea goddess. Wife of Poseidon. [Read more ...]

Amphityron. Greek husband, impersonated by Zeus to seduce Alcmene. [Read more ...]

Amram bar Shishna. -875. Hebrew scholar. Oldest prayer book. Seder Rab Amram. [Read more ...]

Amritsar. 1577 Sikh. 1761 Golden Temple destroyed; rebuilt 1764. 1849 India. [Read more ...]

Amritsar Riot. 1919. British Dyer opens fire on unarmed Indians. 379 dead. 1200 injured. [Read more ...]

Amundsen, Roald. 1872-1928. Norwegian explorer, first to South Pole, 1911; NW Passage, 1906. [Read more ...]

Amyot, Jacques. 1513-93. French humanist and Plutarch translator. [Read more ...]

An. Sumerian god of heaven, father of all gods. [Read more ...]

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