The Pocket Guide to World History

European Union. 1958 European Economic Community (EEC) of Belgium, France, W Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands. To integrate economic development of members. 1967 =European Community (EC). 1973 +UK, Ireland, Denmark. 1981+Greece. 1985 -Greenland. 1986 +Spain, Portugal. 1990 +former E Germany. 1993 =European Union (EU). Maastricht Treaty. European Parliament. European Court of Justice. [Read more ...]

Eurydice. Wife of Orpheus, almost rescued from Hades. [Read more ...]

Eustachio, Bartolomeo. -1574. Italian anatomist. Eustachian tube. Anatomy of Ear 1552. [Read more ...]

Euterpe. Greek Muse of tragedy and flute playing. [Read more ...]

Euzkadi. 1936-7. Independent Basque rep. Guernica. [Read more ...]

Evangelicalism. Protestant churches that follow literal biblical interpretation. [Read more ...]

Evans, Arthur. 1851-1941. British Excavated Knossos. [Read more ...]

Evans, Timothy. -1953. Wrongful hanging led to abolition of capital punishment in Britain. [Read more ...]

Evatt, Herbert. 1894-1965. Australian statesman. Major influence on UN charter. [Read more ...]

Eve. Biblical first woman. Wife of Adam. Ate forbidden apple, expelled from Garden of Eden. [Read more ...]

Evelyn, John. 1620-1706. English diarist and writer. [Read more ...]

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