The Pocket Guide to World History

Everest, George. 1790-1866. British surveyor of India. [Read more ...]

Evesham, Battle. 1265. Montfort defeated and killed. End of Barons War. [Read more ...]

Evil May Day. 1517. London apprentices riot. [Read more ...]

Evinrude, Ole. 1877-1934. US outboard motor inventor, 1909. [Read more ...]

Evolution. Theory that life evolves from earlier forms. Conflicts with Biblical version of creation. Darwinism. [Read more ...]

Ewald, Johannes. 1743-81. Danish lyric poet. [Read more ...]

Exarchate of Ravenna. 6-8C. Part of Italy belonging to Byzantine Empire. Ravenna. [Read more ...]

Excaliber. Sword of King Arthur. [Read more ...]

Executive Branch. Department of US government which carries out laws, under supervision of President. [Read more ...]

Existentialism. Philosophy. Existence is concrete. Man has choice. Responsibility, freedom. Anti-conformism. Kierkegaard. Sartre. Heidegger. [Read more ...]

Exodus. 13C BC. Jews escape Egyptian slavery. Moses. Ten Commandments. [Read more ...]

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