The Pocket Guide to World History

Eulenspiegel, Till. -1350. German peasant prankster. [Read more ...]

Euler, Leonhard. 1707-83. Swiss mathematician. Calculus, optics. Analytic geometry. [Read more ...]

Euphronius. c500BC. Greek painter and potter. [Read more ...]

Euphrosyne. Grace of mirth and merriment. [Read more ...]

Euric. Visigoth king 466-484. First Visigoth law code. [Read more ...]

Euripides. c480-406BC. Greek tragic poet, sceptical of myths. Medea 431. Iphegenia. Electra. [Read more ...]

Europa. Daughter of Agenor, king of Phoenicia, raised by Zeus (Jupiter). Minos’ mother. [Read more ...]

Europe, Council of. 1949-. To protect common heritage, human rights and harmonize legislation by replacing bilateral treaties. [Read more ...]

European Community. 1967 European Union. [Read more ...]

European Defence Community. 1950-54. Failed attempt at continental army. [Read more ...]

European Parliament. 1958 Assembly. 1979 Legislature. 1993 Legislative Assembly of European Union. [Read more ...]

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