The Pocket Guide to World History

Ethics. Study of what is good human conduct. [Read more ...]

Ethiopia. c1000BC Semite. 1C Aksumite Kingdom. 10C Zagwe dynasty. 1270 Solomonic dynasty. 17C Divided. 1855 Re-united. 1935 Italy (Italian East Africa). 1941 Independent. 1952 +Eritrea. 1974 Coup, Republic. 1993 -Eritrea. [Read more ...]

Etruscans. Asian people in Tuscany 8C BC. Taken by Rome, 4-3C BC. Skilful metal workers. Strong navy, merchant traders. Tarquins. [Read more ...]

EU. European Union. [Read more ...]

Eucken, Rudolf. 1846-1926. German philosopher: personal ethics are more important than intellectual idealism. [Read more ...]

Euclid. c300BC. Greek mathematician. Discovered plane geometry. Elements. [Read more ...]

Eudes. 860-98. King of France in 888. Defended Paris against the Norse in 885. [Read more ...]

Eudoxus of Cnidus. c400-350BC. Greek astronomer. Explained movement of sun, moon, planets. [Read more ...]

Eugène of Savoy, Prince. 1663-1736. French General of H.R. Imperial armies. Defeated Turks in Vienna and Hungary. [Read more ...]

Eugenics. Race improvement by selective mating. Galton. [Read more ...]

Eugénie. 1826-1920. Spanish Empress of France, 1853-70. [Read more ...]

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