The Pocket Guide to World History

Essex, Earl of. (Robert Devereux). 1567-1601. Favourite of Elizabeth I. Executed. [Read more ...]

Est. 1C. Tribe which settled Estonia. [Read more ...]

Estates General. States General. [Read more ...]

Esterhazy, Ferdinand. 1847-1923. French. Sold secrets to Germans. Blamed Dreyfus. [Read more ...]

Esther. Old Testament Persian Queen. Saved Jews from extinction. [Read more ...]

Estonia. c1000BC Aesti. 9C- Vikings invade. 11,12C Russia, Denmark, Sweden invades. 1219 Denmark. 1346 Teutonic Knights buy. 16C Sweden/Poland/Denmark divide. 17C Sweden. 1721 Russian. 1918 Independent. 1919-33 Unstable governments. 1924 Failed Bolshevik revolution. 1934 Päts coup. 1940 USSR. 1991 Independent. [Read more ...]

Estrées, Gabrielle d’. 1573-99. Mistress of French Henry IV. [Read more ...]

ETA. 1970-. Basque terrorist separatist organization. [Read more ...]

Etaples, Treaty. 1492. England renounces claim to France, except Calais. [Read more ...]

Ethelbert. 552-616. King of Kent 560-. First Christian Anglo-Saxon king. first extant A-S law code. [Read more ...]

Ethelred the Unready. c968-1016. King of English 978-. Unable to defend against Danish raids. Drove them out, 1015. [Read more ...]

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