The Pocket Guide to World History

Erse. Gaelic language of Scottish Highlands. [Read more ...]

Erté, Roman. 1892-1990. Russian/French Art Deco artist. [Read more ...]

Erzberger, Matthias. 1875-1921. German statesman. Led signing of 1918 Armistice. [Read more ...]

Esau. Son of Isaac, twin brother of Jacob. [Read more ...]

Escalade. December 12 celebration of Savoy’s unsuccessful last attack on Geneva, 1602. [Read more ...]

Escher, M.C. 1898-1971. Dutch graphic artist. Optical illusion, surrealistic effects. [Read more ...]

Eschine. 390-314BC. Greek orator. [Read more ...]

Escurial. 1557. Spanish monastery near Madrid built by Philip II to commemorate St-Quentin victory. [Read more ...]

Esma’il I. 1487-1524. Shah of Iran 1501-. Converted Iran Sunni to Shi’ah. [Read more ...]

Essad, Pasha. 1863-1920. Albanian dictator, 1914-16. [Read more ...]

Essex. 6C Saxon kingdom. 860 «Wessex. [Read more ...]

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