The Pocket Guide to World History

Erfurt Parliament. 1850. Austrian opposition causes withdrawal of Prussian plan for German Unification. [Read more ...]

Erhard, Ludwig. 1897-1977. West German Economic Minister 1948-63. Chancellor 1963-6. Architect of economic recovery. [Read more ...]

Ericsson, John. 1803-89. Swedish/US. Invented screw propeller, designed Monitor. [Read more ...]

Erik IX. -1160. King 1150-, Patron Saint of Sweden. Killed trying to convert Finns. [Read more ...]

Erik the Red. Norwegian explorer, discovered Greenland c985. Established First colony. [Read more ...]

Eriksson, Leif. Leif Eriksson. [Read more ...]

Erinyes. Greek goddesses of vengeance. =Furies. [Read more ...]

Eritrea. 2-9C Aksumite (Ethiopian) Empire. 16C Ottoman. 17-19C Dispute. 1889 Italy. 1941 Britain. 1952 Autonomous within Ethiopian Empire. 1962 Ethiopian province. 1993 Independent. [Read more ...]

Ernst, Max. 1891-1976. German Dada artist. [Read more ...]

Eros. Greek god of love. = Cupid. [Read more ...]

Errs. Greek goddess of discord. Threw the apple that led to the Trojan War. [Read more ...]

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