The Pocket Guide to World History

Epoch of Civil War. 1863-80. Colombian liberals vs conservatives. Núñez forms coalition. [Read more ...]

Epstein, Jacob. 1880-1959. US/British portrait sculptor. [Read more ...]

Equatorial Guinea. 10-15C Bubi. 1469 Portugal. 1778 Spain 1827 British base. 1843 Spain. 1964 Self-government. 1968 Independent. [Read more ...]

Erasmus, Desiderius. c1466-1536. Dutch Humanist ecclesiastic reform writer. Published first New Testament based on Greek, 1516. Reason over ignorance and superstition. Opposed Luther. Praise of Folly. Enchiridion: Christ requires of us nothing but a pure and sincere life. [Read more ...]

Erastus, Thomas. 1524-83. Swiss theologian. Advocated complete domination of state over church. [Read more ...]

Erato. Greek Muse of lyric poetry. [Read more ...]

Eratosthenes. c276-194BC. Alexandrian mathematician, philosopher. Measured earth’s circumference, tilt of axis. World map 220BC. [Read more ...]

Erebus. Area of Greek underworld. Personified as son of Chaos. [Read more ...]

Erechtheum. 5C BC. Ionic temple on Athenian acropolis. [Read more ...]

Erechtheus. King, raised by Athena. First temple on Athens Acropolis. Later deified. [Read more ...]

Eretria. Greek city. Destroyed 490BC by Persia. [Read more ...]

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