The Pocket Guide to World History

Ephorus. c405-330BC. Greek. Wrote universal history of Greece. [Read more ...]

Ephraim. Son of Joseph. Founded one of 12 Tribes of Israel. [Read more ...]

Epictetus. 1 C. Stoic ex-slave, philosopher. [Read more ...]

Epicureanism. 306BC-. Goal is to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. Epicurus. [Read more ...]

Epicurus. c341-270BC. Greek Philospher. Founded Epicureanism. Maximum pleasure attained through moderation. [Read more ...]

Epidaurus. Ancient Greek healing center. [Read more ...]

Epimetheus. Pandora’s husband. [Read more ...]

Épinay, Louise d’. 1726-83. French Enlightenment patroness. [Read more ...]

Epiphenomenalism. Mind exists only as a process within the physical system of matter. Cannot exist without it. Hobbes. [Read more ...]

Epirus. 3-2C BC. Powerful Greek country under King Pyrrhus. [Read more ...]

Episcopalianism. Church government by bishops. [Read more ...]

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