The Pocket Guide to World History

Entebbe. Uganda airport. Site of 1976 hijacking ended by Israeli commandos. [Read more ...]

Entente Cordiale. 1904. Anglo-French agreement. Defined spheres of influence in Africa and Pacific allowing co-operation vs Germany. [Read more ...]

Enver Pasha. 1881-1922. Young Turk leader. Revolt, 1908. WWI. Ruled with Triumvirate. 1913-18. Talât Pasha. [Read more ...]

EOKA. 1955-74. Cyprus anti-British movement for union with Greece. [Read more ...]

Eolithic. 750,000-250,000BC. Earliest stone age. [Read more ...]

Eos. Greek Goddess of dawn. = Aurora. [Read more ...]

Epaminondas. c410-362BC. Thebian general, statesman. Defeated Sparta at Leuctra. Permanently changed balance of power. [Read more ...]

Épée, Abbé de l’. 1712-89. French educator of deaf-mutes. Natural sign language. [Read more ...]

Ephesus. Major Greek, Roman city now in Turkey. 133 Bequeathed to Rome by Attale. 263 Goths sacked Temple of Artemis, 7 wonder. [Read more ...]

Ephesus, Council. 431. Nestor debates Cyril. Monophysitism adopted. [Read more ...]

Ephor. 8C BC. Magistrate of Sparta or other Dorian cities. [Read more ...]

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