The Pocket Guide to World History

Enghien, Duc d’. Prince of Condé. 1772-1804. Executed for alleged plot against Napoleon. [Read more ...]

England. c1800BC Beaker folk. 8C BC Celt. 150BC Belgae. 55BC-407 Rome. 5C Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy. 9C Dane(N,E). 10C A-S/Dane. 1042 Anglo-Saxon. 1066 Norman. 1204 -Normandy. 1707 Great Britain. 1801 United Kingdom. [Read more ...]

English Civil War. 1642-9. King vs Parliament. Charles beheaded. Monarchy abolished. Commonwealth. Cromwell. Covenanters. [Read more ...]

English Revolution. 1688. Glorious Revolution. [Read more ...]

Enlightenment. 17-18C. Intellectual movement. Rationalism, natural laws vs dogma, authority. J-J Rousseau. Smith. Mendlessohn. Fontenelle. Voltaire. Montesquieu. Hume. Berkeley. Sturm und Drang. [Read more ...]

Ennius, Quintus. 239-169BC. Roman poet. Annales-History of Rome. [Read more ...]

Enoch. Eldest son of Cain. [Read more ...]

Enola Gay. US plane which dropped H-bomb on Hiroshima, 1945. [Read more ...]

Enosis. =EOKA. [Read more ...]

Enragés. 1793. Parisian extremists overthrow Girondins. [Read more ...]

Ensor, James. 1860-1949. Belgian painter and engraver. Pessimistic fantasy and social commentary. [Read more ...]

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