The Pocket Guide to World History

Amiens, Mise of. 1264. Louis IX arbitrated annulment of Provisions of Oxford. Barons War. [Read more ...]

Amiens, Treaty. 1527. Henry VIII, Francis I ally vs Charles V. 1802. England, France, Spain, Holland end French Revolutionary Wars. Britain cedes captured territory, gains Ceylon, Trinidad. [Read more ...]

Amiens Cathedral. 1220-1270. Romanesque/Gothic. [Read more ...]

Amin, Idi. c1926-. Uganda dictator 1971-9. Exile to France. [Read more ...]

Amis, Kingsley. 1922-95. English novelist and poet. Angry Young Men. Lucky Jim 1954. [Read more ...]

Amish. 17C-. Conservative Mennonites. 19-20C migrated to North America. [Read more ...]

Amistad Affair. 1841. Slaves mutiny on Spanish ship. Sail to US. Declared free by US court. [Read more ...]

Ammianus Marcellinus. 330-395. Wrote 31 volume History of Rome. [Read more ...]

Amnesty International. 1961. Human rights watchdog NGO fighting for political prisoners and victims of torture. MacBride. [Read more ...]

Amon. Horned Egyptian deity. Greek =Zeus. [Read more ...]

Amor. Roman god of love. =Eros. =Cupid. [Read more ...]

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