The Pocket Guide to World History

Empire of the West. 286-476. Rome and Western part of Roman Empire. Ends 476, Romulus Augustulus deposed. [Read more ...]

Empire of the West. 800-. State founded by Charlemagne, continued to 1806 as the Holy Roman Empire. Succeeded Roman Emperor of the West. Split Eastern kingdoms. [Read more ...]

Empire State Building. 1930. New York. [Read more ...]

Empiricism. Philosophy maintaining that all valid human knowledge is gained from experience. [Read more ...]

Ems Dispatch. 1870. Bismarck alters telegram from Wilhelm, causing Franco-Prussian War. [Read more ...]

Enclosure. Land divided, fenced for better yield, causing hardships for smaller farmers, peasants. English 15-16, 18-19C, Europe 18-20C. [Read more ...]

Encomienda. 16-18C Spanish system of Indian forced labour. [Read more ...]

Encyclical, Papal. Letter from Pope to RC Church. [Read more ...]

Encyclopédists. 1751-72. Group who wrote encyclopaedia under Diderot. Voltaire, Helvetius, D’Alembert. As sceptics, they popularized social ideas which led to the French Revolution. [Read more ...]

Enesco, Georges. 1881-1955. Romanian folk theme composer. National style. [Read more ...]

Engels, Friedrich. 1820-95. German socialist philosopher. Communist Manifesto 1848. Marx. Coined “Industrial Revolution” 1845. Finished Das Kapital 1894. [Read more ...]

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