The Pocket Guide to World History

Embla. First woman in Norse mythology. Ask. [Read more ...]

Emboabas, War. 1708-9. New settlers vs old in Brazil gold rush. [Read more ...]

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. 1803-82. US essayist/ poet. Transcendentalist. Woodnotes 1846, Brahma 1867, English Traits 1856, Self-Reliance. [Read more ...]

Émigrés. Royalist sympathizers who fled France during Revolution. [Read more ...]

Eminescu, Mihau. 1850-89. Romanian poet, writer. [Read more ...]

Emir. Moslem commander or governor. [Read more ...]

Emmet, Robert. 1778-1803. Leader of failed Irish nationalist uprising. Executed. [Read more ...]

Empedocles. c500-430BC. Greek philosopher. Heart is seat of life. Matter is fire, air, earth, water. [Read more ...]

Empire. First. France under Napoleon I 1804-14. 2nd. Napoleon III, 1852-70. [Read more ...]

Empire. Style of Art. 1804-14. Classical heroic grandiose trend from Napoleon’s court. Arc de Triomphe, 1806. [Read more ...]

Empire of the East. 286-1453. Eastern Roman Empire ruled from Byzantium. =Byzantine Emp. [Read more ...]

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