The Pocket Guide to World History

Elizabeth II. 1926-. Queen of UK 1952-. Head of State of many Commonwealth countries. [Read more ...]

Ellis, Havelock. 1859-1939. English writer: Psychology of Sex 1897-1928. [Read more ...]

Ellsworth, Lincoln. 1880-1951. US explorer. First flight across Arctic 1926, Antarctica 1935. [Read more ...]

Éloi, St. c588-660. Treasurer to Clotaire II and Dagobert. Goldsmith. [Read more ...]

Éluard, Paul. 1895-1952. French surrealist poet. [Read more ...]

Élysée Palace. 1718. Site of Napoleon’s abdication 1815. French president’s residence since 1873. [Read more ...]

Elysian Fields. Greek paradise. [Read more ...]

Elzevir. 16-18C. Family of Dutch printers of classics. [Read more ...]

Emancipation Act. 1833. Freed slaves in British Empire. [Read more ...]

Emancipation Edict. 1861. Freed Russian serfs. Gave land allotment, paid by loans. [Read more ...]

Emancipation Proclamation. 1863. Lincoln frees all slaves in Confederacy. [Read more ...]

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