The Pocket Guide to World History

Elgin, Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of. 1766-1841. British diplomat to Greece. Removed parthenon statues to British Museum 1816. [Read more ...]

Eli. Jewish prophet. 8C BC. [Read more ...]

Elija. 9C BC. Hebrew prophet. Ended worship of Baal. [Read more ...]

Eliot, George. (Mary Ann Evans). 1819-90. English psychological novelist: Adam Bede 1859; Silas Marner 1861. Translated Strauss. [Read more ...]

Eliot, John. 1592-1632. English Puritan leader. Parliamentary liberties. [Read more ...]

Eliot, T.S. 1888-1965. US/English modernist poet, playwright. Prufrock 1910. Ash Wednesday 1930. Murder in the Cathedral 1935. [Read more ...]

Elisha. 9C BC. Hebrew prophet. Followed Elija. [Read more ...]

Elizabeth. 1709-62. Empress of Russia, 1741-. Eliminated German influence. Coup vs Ivan VI. [Read more ...]

Elizabeth. 1837-98. Wife of Emperor Francis-Joseph. Assassinated by anarchist. [Read more ...]

Elizabeth, St. Mother of John the Baptist. Sister of Virgin Mary. [Read more ...]

Elizabeth I. 1533-1603. Queen of England, 1558-. Stable, prosperous reign of literature and art. Restored Protestantism. Supported them abroad. [Read more ...]

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