The Pocket Guide to World History

Elagabalus. 204-222. Eccentric Roman Emperor 218-. [Read more ...]

Elaine. Dies of love for Lancelot in Arthurian legend. [Read more ...]

Elam. 40C~640BC. Country in SW Iran conq by Assyrians. [Read more ...]

Eleanor of Aquitaine. Divorced from Louis VII 1152 after accompanying him on Second Crusade. Married Henry II of England, bringing Aquitaine under English crown...Angevin Empire. Mother of Richard I. Led 1173 revolt vs husband, Henry II. [Read more ...]

Eleatics. 5C BC. Greek philosophers. Change is an illusion. Zeno. Xenophanes. [Read more ...]

Electoral College. US body of electors from each state which selects the president. [Read more ...]

Electors. 1356-1806. German princes who elected HRE. [Read more ...]

Electra. Legendary Greek spirit who killed her mother, Clytemnestra to venge the murder of her father, Agamemnon. [Read more ...]

Eleusinian Mysteries. Secret Greek ritual to honour Demeter and Persephone. [Read more ...]

Elgar, Edward. 1857-1934. Choral composer. Established a new English tradition: Dream of Gerontius 1900, Apostles 1903, Kingdom 1906. [Read more ...]

Elgin, James Bruce, 8th Earl of. 1811-63. Governor General. Worked for independent Canadian government. [Read more ...]

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