The Pocket Guide to World History

Amboise Conspiracy. 1560. Failed Huguenot plot to kidnap French king. Led to massacre of 1200 Huguenots. [Read more ...]

Amboise Peace. 1563. Gave limited rights of worship to French Huguenots. [Read more ...]

Ambrose, St. c340-397. Bishop of Milan. Introduced Plainsong (chant) into church music. [Read more ...]

America. Term coined 1507 by Waldseemüller after Amerigo Vespucci. [Read more ...]

American Civil Liberties Union. ACLU. 1920-. US legal action group supporting civil rights. [Read more ...]

American Civil War. 1861-5. Abolitionist North defeats slave-owning South. Britain and France support South, Russia supports North. Union. Confederacy. [Read more ...]

American Colonization Society. 1816-1912. Transported blacks to Liberia. [Read more ...]

American Expeditionary Force. US forces in WWI. [Read more ...]

American Revolution. 1775-1783. Independence won from Britain, United States of America formed. [Read more ...]

America’s Cup. 1851. Royal Yacht Squadron race won by Americans until 1983. Oldest international sports trophy. [Read more ...]

Amethyst Incident. 1949. Escape of British frigate from China. [Read more ...]

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