The Pocket Guide to World History

Edelinck, Gerard. 1640-1707. Flemish engraver: first multi-color printing. [Read more ...]

Eden. Biblical home of Adam and Eve. [Read more ...]

Eden, Anthony. 1897-1977. British Prime Minister 55-7. Resigned over Suez Crisis. [Read more ...]

Ederle, Gertrude. 1906-. US. First woman to swim the English Channel, 1926. [Read more ...]

Edgar. 943-975. English King, 959-. First coronation (Bath) of a king of all England. [Read more ...]

Edgar Aetheling. 1050-1130. Anglo-Saxon prince who submitted to William I. [Read more ...]

Edgehill, Battle. 1642. First battle of English Civil War. [Read more ...]

Edgeworth, Richard. 1744-1817. English. Semaphore 1767. [Read more ...]

Edinburgh, Treaty. 1560. France and England withdraw from Scotland. [Read more ...]

Edington, Battle. 878. King Alfred, Wessex only Anglo-Saxon kingdom to withstand Danes. [Read more ...]

Edison, Thomas. 1847-1931. US inventor: imp telephone 1877, phonograph 1877, lightbulb 1878, movies, cast concrete 1907. Menlo Park, first industrial research laboratory. [Read more ...]

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