The Pocket Guide to World History

Eckhart, Johannes. c1260-1328. German mystic. “All existence is God” 1281. [Read more ...]

Eckmühl. Battle. 1809. Bavaria. Napoleon’s victory over Austria who lose German support. [Read more ...]

Eclecticism. 2C BC. Philosophical doctrine combining elements of various, sometimes contradictory, philosophies. Cicero. [Read more ...]

École Militaire. 1752. French Royal Military Academy. Gabriel. [Read more ...]

École Polytechnique. 1794-. French college of high repute. Replaced Navarre. Graduates are the “X”. [Read more ...]

Economic Crisis. 1873. Vienna stock market collapse leads to protectionism, Depression. [Read more ...]

Economics, Classical. 19C. Followers of Adam Smith. [Read more ...]

Ecuador. 1000 Quito Indian kingdom. 15C Inca. 1534 Spain. 1822 Independent «Gran Colombia. 1830 Republic. 1832 +Galapagos. [Read more ...]

Ecumenicalism. 1846-. Movement to unite all Christian churches. [Read more ...]

Edda. c1230. Collections of Icelandic literature, songs. [Read more ...]

Eddy, Mary Baker. 1821-1910. US founder of Christian Science Religion. Wrote Science and Health 1875. [Read more ...]

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