The Pocket Guide to World History

Edmund, St. -870. King of Anglia. Martyred. Remains moved to Bury St. Edmunds 903. [Read more ...]

Edmund, St. c1175-1240. Archbishop of Canterbury, 1233-. Won reforms from Henry III. [Read more ...]

Edmund I. 921-46. King of England 939-. Recaptured north England from Norse. Monastic revival. [Read more ...]

Edmund II Ironside. c993-1016. English King 1016. Defeated by Canute 1016, kept Wessex. [Read more ...]

Edmunds Law. 1882. US bans polygamy. [Read more ...]

Edward, The Black Prince. 1330-76. Son of Edward III. Victor at Poitiers, 1356. Captured John II of France. [Read more ...]

Edward I. 1239-1307. King of England 1272-. Conquered Wales. Limited power of church and nobles. 1290 expelled Jews. Defined acre 1305. [Read more ...]

Edward II. 1284-1327. King of England, 1307-. Defeated by Scots at Bannockburn. Deposed by wife, Isabella. Templars. [Read more ...]

Edward III. 1312-77. King of England 1327-. Claimed crown of France, causing Hundred Years War. [Read more ...]

Edward IV. 1442-83. First York king of England. 1461~83. Revived monarch’s power. Wars of Roses. [Read more ...]

Edward V. 1470-83. King of England 1483. Imprisoned and probably killed by Richard III. Wars of Roses. [Read more ...]

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