The Pocket Guide to World History

East-West Schism. 1054. Separation of Roman and Eastern Catholic churches over filioque. [Read more ...]

Easter Rebellion. 1916. Ireland. Irish Free State. [Read more ...]

Eastern Crisis. 1839-41. British suppression of Muhammed Ali’s Egyptian expansion. [Read more ...]

Eastern Empire. Byzantine Empire. [Read more ...]

Eastern Orthodoxy. Branch of Christianity. East-West Schism. [Read more ...]

Eastern Question. 19-20C. Instability caused by decline of Turkish rule led to Crimean War and WWI. [Read more ...]

Eastman, George. 1854-1932. US inventor of roll film and Kodak camera 1888. Bromide print 1871. [Read more ...]

Eben, Abba. 1915-. English/Israeli statesman, diplomat. [Read more ...]

Ebert, Friedrich. 1871-1925. First president of German Republic 1919-. [Read more ...]

Echo. Greek mountain nymph. [Read more ...]

Eck, Johann. 1486-1543. Opposed Luther, Protestantism. [Read more ...]

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