The Pocket Guide to World History

Dylan, Bob (Robert Zimmerman). 1941-. US composer/performer. Founded Folk Rock. [Read more ...]

Dyogenes. Diogenes. [Read more ...]

Dyrrhachium, Battle. 48BC. Pompey defeats Caesar. [Read more ...]

Eakins, Thomas. 1844-1916. US Realist painter. Clinic of Dr. Gross 1875. [Read more ...]

Ealdred. -1069. Anglo-Saxon archbishop of York 1060-: crowned William the Conqueror. [Read more ...]

Earhart, Amelia. 1898-1937. US aviator. First solo Atlantic flight by a woman, 1932. Lost in attempt to circle planet. [Read more ...]

Earl. Third rank of British peerage. [Read more ...]

Earth. According to geologists created 4,600,000,000BC. Ussher for Biblical version. [Read more ...]

East Anglia. 6C Anglo-Saxon kingdom. c870 Denmark. 917 England. [Read more ...]

East India Act. 1784. India Act. [Read more ...]

East India Companies. British, Dutch, French. Danish 1614-1729. Austrian, 1720-7. [Read more ...]

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