The Pocket Guide to World History

Dutch East India Company. 1602-1798. Trade, colonies in Orient. Controlled Ceylon, Cape Colony, Jakarta. [Read more ...]

Dutch Revolt. 1566-79. Calvinist north vs Spanish Hapsburgs. United Provinces. Spanish Armada. [Read more ...]

Dutch Wars. 1672-8. French expansionism thwarted by United Provinces. Anglo-Dutch Wars. [Read more ...]

Dutch West India Company. 1621-1794. Commercial and colonial interests in Africa, South America. Driven from Brazil, 1654, New York, 1667. [Read more ...]

Dutra, Enrico. 1885-1974. Brazilian President 1946-51. Restored democracy. [Read more ...]

Duval, Claude. 1643-70. French/English gallant highwayman. [Read more ...]

Duvalier, François. “Papa Doc” 1907-1971. Haitian dictator 1957-. [Read more ...]

Duvalier, Jean-Claude. “Baby Doc”. Haitian dictator 1971-1986, son of Papa Doc. Overthrown, exiled. [Read more ...]

Dvaravati. 6-13C. Kingdom in Thailand. Indian culture. [Read more ...]

Dvorák, Antonin. 1841-1901. Czech Nationalist composer. New World Symphony 1893. Classical form with folk spontaneity. [Read more ...]

Dyarchy. 1919. System of shared local/British power in India. Led to Indian autonomy. [Read more ...]

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