The Pocket Guide to World History

Duchamp, Marcel. 1887-1968. French/US Dada artist. [Read more ...]

Dudley. Leicester, Earl of. [Read more ...]

Duer, William. 1747-99. American Revolution financier. Imprisoned for debt causing 1792 panic. [Read more ...]

Dufay, Guillaume. c1400-74. Burgundian composer. Clever counterpoint, flowing melody. Motets, songs. [Read more ...]

Dufour, Henri. 1787-1875. Swiss General with Napoleon. Led 1864 Geneva Convention. [Read more ...]

Dufy, Raoul. 1877-1953. French Fauvist painter. [Read more ...]

Dühring, Karl. 1873-1921. German Positivist philosopher. [Read more ...]

Dukas, Paul. 1865-1935. French composer. Ariane, Barbe-Bleue. Sorcerer’s Apprentice 1897. [Read more ...]

Duke. Highest rank of Peerage. [Read more ...]

Dukhobors. 1755-. Russian Christian pacifist, anarchist sect. Leaders claimed to be Christ reincarnated. Tolstoy sponsored emigration to Canada, 1898. [Read more ...]

Dulles, John. 1888-1959. US Secretary of State 1953-. Promoted SEATO, nuclear buildup, Eisenhower Doctrine. [Read more ...]

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