The Pocket Guide to World History

Duluth. 1636-1710. French explorer of Lake Superior area. [Read more ...]

Duma. 1906-17. Russian parliament created by Nicholas II after Revolution. [Read more ...]

Dumas, Alexandre (Fils). 1824-1895. Son of Alexandre, writer. Dame aux camélias 1848. [Read more ...]

Dumas, Alexandre (Père). 1802-70. French writer. Three Musketeers 1844. Count of Monte Cristo. [Read more ...]

Dunant, Henri. 1828-1910. Swiss philanthropist. Founded Red Cross 1863, YMCA. [Read more ...]

Dunbarton Oaks Conference. 1944. UN organizational meeting. Yalta. San Francisco. [Read more ...]

Duncan, Isadora. 1877-1927. US modern dancer. [Read more ...]

Duncan I. K. of Scots 1034-40. Killed by MacBeth. [Read more ...]

Dunces Parliament. 1404. Coventry. No lawyers. [Read more ...]

Dundee, Viscount “Bonnie”. c1649-89. Killed leading revolt vs William of Orange for James II. [Read more ...]

Dunes, Battle. 1658. England, France defeat Spanish. Fronde. [Read more ...]

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