The Pocket Guide to World History

Du Bois, William. 1868-1963. US writer. Founded Niagara movement, NAACP 1909. [Read more ...]

Du Gange. 1610-88. French scholar. Latin Dictionary. [Read more ...]

Du Maurier, Daphne. 1907-89. English author. Rebecca 1938. [Read more ...]

Dual Alliance. 1879-1918. Austria-Germany...Triple Alliance. 1891-1914. Secret, France-Russia. Caused Germany to declare war on France when attacking Russia. WWI. [Read more ...]

Dual Monarchy. 1867. Austrian Empire divided into Austrian, Hungarian kingdoms under one king. Ausgleich. [Read more ...]

Dualism. Cartesian division of world into mind and matter. [Read more ...]

Dualism, Christian. Christ’s nature is human and divine. Nestor. Monophysitism. Monothelitism. [Read more ...]

Dualism, Religious. Belief in 2 opposed deities, usually good and evil. Gnosticism. [Read more ...]

DuBarry, Marie. 1746-93. Mistress of Louis XV. Guillotined. [Read more ...]

Dubcek, Alexander. 1921-92. Czech First Secretary, 1968-9. Attempted reforms led to Soviet Invasion. [Read more ...]

Dubois, Eugène. 1858-1940. Dutch discoverer of Java Man 1891. [Read more ...]

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