The Pocket Guide to World History

Alvarado, Pedro de. c1486-1541. Spanish conquerer of Guatemala and El Salvador. Conquistador to Mexico. [Read more ...]

Alvarez, Luis. 1911-88. US physicist. Linear accelerator, bubble chamber. [Read more ...]

Alvarez Quintero, Joaquin. 1873-1944, + Serafin 1871-1938. Spanish playwrights. [Read more ...]

Alyscamps. Gallo Roman cemetery, Arles. [Read more ...]

Amadeus VIII. Antipope Felix V 1439-49. [Read more ...]

Amana Colonies. 1855. Successful Pietist communes in Iowa. [Read more ...]

Amanollah Khan. 1892-1960. Amir of Afghanistan 1919-29. Won independence from Britain, 1919. [Read more ...]

Amarna Age. 1379-1362BC. Reign of Akhenaton. [Read more ...]

Amati. 16-17C. Italian family of violin makers-taught Stradivari. [Read more ...]

Amazons. Mythical women warriors. Fought Greeks at Troy. [Read more ...]

Amboina Massacre. 1623. 20 British and Japanese merchants executed by Dutch for plotting overthrow. [Read more ...]

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