The Pocket Guide to World History

Drang nach Osten. Historic German wish for eastward expansion cited by Hitler. [Read more ...]

Draper, John. 1811-82. English/US chemist: first photographic portrait 1840. 1st photo of moon 1840. [Read more ...]

Dravidians. Invaded India, 3250-2750BC. [Read more ...]

Dreadnought. 1905-22. Class of British battleship. Started arms race 1907-14. Jutland. Two-Power Standard. [Read more ...]

Drebbel, Cornelis. 1572-1633. Dutch inventor. Submarine 1620. [Read more ...]

Dred Scott. 1857. US Supreme Court ruled slaves had no rights in court. Missouri Compromise invalid. [Read more ...]

Dreikaiserbund. League of 3 Emperors. Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia. First 1873-78. 2nd 1881-7 (secret). [Read more ...]

Dresden. 1945. Massive Allied air raid. Firestorm caused 35,000-135,000 casualties, destroyed city. [Read more ...]

Dresden, Battle. 1813. Last major Napoleonic victory in Germany. [Read more ...]

Dresden, Treaty. 1745. Prussia gains Saxony. Ends 2nd Silesian War. [Read more ...]

Dresden Codex. Pre-Columbian Mayan manuscript. [Read more ...]

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