The Pocket Guide to World History

Drexler, Anton. Founded German Labour Party 1919...National Socialist Party. [Read more ...]

Dreyfus, Alfred. 1859-1935. Jewish French officer. Trial divided France, 1894-1906. Unjustly sent to Devil’s Island on forged evidence. Zola. Esterhazy. [Read more ...]

Dreyse, Nikolaus von. Invented needle gun, 1827. [Read more ...]

Drinkwater, John. 1882-1937. English dramatist: Abraham Lincoln 1918. [Read more ...]

Drugs, War on. 1971-. US prohibition and criminalization of recreational drug use. World’s highest incarceration rate. [Read more ...]

Druids. Celtic priests and teachers. [Read more ...]

Drunken Parliament. 1661. Scotland. [Read more ...]

Druon Antigonus. Legendary giant. Cut off enemies’ right hands. [Read more ...]

Drury Lane. 1663. Oldest English theatre, London. Rebuilt 1674, 1812. [Read more ...]

Druze. Small Middle East Shi’ite sect worshipping al-Hakim. [Read more ...]

Dryden, John. 1631-1700. British poet laureate, playwright. Marriage a la Mode 1673. [Read more ...]

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