The Pocket Guide to World History

Dowding, Hugh. 1882-1970. WWII air marshal. Fighter Commander, Battle of Britain. [Read more ...]

Dowie, John. 1847-1907. Scot. founder of Christian Catholic Church and Zion City, IL, USA. [Read more ...]

Downs, Battle. 1639. Dutch def Spain = end of Spain’s sea power. [Read more ...]

Dowson, Ernest. 1867-1900. English Decadent poet. -“I have been faithful to thee, Cynara, in my fashion”. [Read more ...]

Doyle, Arthur Conan. 1859-1930. British doctor, mystery writer and creator of Sherlock Holmes. Study in Scarlet 1887. [Read more ...]

Dozsa Rebellion. 1514. Unsuccessful revolt of 100,000 Hungarian peasants vs taxes and oppression. [Read more ...]

Draco. Author of written law code, Athens, 621BC. Death was penalty for petty crimes. Later repealed. [Read more ...]

Draft Riots. 1863. New York City workers vs Union army draft laws. [Read more ...]

Dragoon. 16-20C. Soldiers trained for infantry and cavalry. [Read more ...]

Dragoon, Operation. = Operation Anvil. [Read more ...]

Drake, Francis. 1540-96. English pirate/explorer. Sailed around the world 1580. Vice Admiral at defeat of Spanish Armada, 1588. Privateers. [Read more ...]

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