The Pocket Guide to World History

Don Pacifico Affair. 1850. Britain siezes Greek ships. Causes international protest. [Read more ...]

Don Quixote. Cervantes’ idealist 16C hero who attacks sheep and tilts at windmills. [Read more ...]

Donatello. 1386-1466. Florentine sculptor. Gattamelata 1445- first Renaissance equestrian statue. David- 1st Renaissance free-standing nude. St. George 1416. [Read more ...]

Donation of Constantine. 8C. Forged document granting land to the papacy. Exposed 1440. [Read more ...]

Donation of Pepin. 756. Land exchanged for Pope’s recognition. Basis of Papal States. [Read more ...]

Donatism. 301-5C. Christian sect believing sacraments given by priests who had sinned are invalid. [Read more ...]

Donatus. c333 Roman teacher. Ars Grammatica used for centuries. [Read more ...]

Donizetti, Gaetano. 1797-1848. Italian Romantic opera composer. Lucretia Borgia 1833. [Read more ...]

Donne, John. 1572-1631. English metaphysicist. Dean of St. Paul’s 1621-31. Elegies, Songs, Sonnets, Devotions. “No man is an island.” [Read more ...]

Donnelly, Ignatius. 1831-1901. US author. “Proved” Bacon wrote Shakespeare’s plays. Great Cryptogram 1888. [Read more ...]

Donnybrook. 1204-1855. Irish county fair renowned for drunken brawls. [Read more ...]

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