The Pocket Guide to World History

Döllinger, Johann von. 1799-1890. German theologian. Opposed Papal infallibility. Excommunicated. [Read more ...]

Domenico Veneziano. 1400-61. Florentine painter. St. Lucy Altarpiece c1445. [Read more ...]

Domesday Book. 1086. Census and survey of England. Ordered by William I as basis for taxation. [Read more ...]

Dominic, St. c1170-1221. Spanish monk, founder of the Dominican Order. [Read more ...]

Dominica. Carib. 1493 Columbus discovers. 1660s French settle. 17C French, British dispute. 1805 British. 1966 Self-governing. 1978 Independent republic. [Read more ...]

Dominican Order. 1216. Mendicant preaching friars with severe rule. Thomists. [Read more ...]

Dominican Republic. Arawak. 1492 Columbus discovers. Spain 1795 France 1801 Haiti. 1809 Sp. 1822 Haiti. 1844 Independent. [Read more ...]

Domino, Fats. 1928-. US rhythm and blues composer, performer. Sold 23M records 1949-60. [Read more ...]

Domitian. 51-96. Roman Emperor 81-. Reign of terror. [Read more ...]

Don Cossacks. 16C-1707. Semi-independent Republic. [Read more ...]

Don Juan. Legendary Spanish libertine. [Read more ...]

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