The Pocket Guide to World History

Doppler, Christian. 1803-53. Austrian physicist. Effect of relative motion on frequency, 1851. [Read more ...]

Dordrecht Confession. 1632. Mennonite doctrine. [Read more ...]

Doré, Gustave. 1832-83. French illustrator. [Read more ...]

Doria, Andrea. 1466-1560. Genoese admiral, statesman. Freed, ruled Genoa. [Read more ...]

Dorians. 1100BC. Savage tribe who conquered Peloponnesus from Achaeans. [Read more ...]

Doric. 7C BC. Order of Greek architecture. Baseless columns with square capitals. [Read more ...]

Dornier, Claudius. 1884-1969. German aircraft designer. First all-metal airplane, 1911. [Read more ...]

Dorr, Thomas. 1805-54. US campaigner for universal male suffrage. [Read more ...]

Dorylaeum, Battle. 1097. First Crusade victory over Turks. 1147. 2nd Crusade Turkish victory. [Read more ...]

Dost Muhammed. 1793-1863. Afghanistan ruler 1826-. Provoked Afghan Wars. [Read more ...]

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor. 1821-81. Russian psychological writer. Crime and Punishment 1866. Idiot 1868. Brothers Karamazov 1880. Exiled to Siberia 1849-59. [Read more ...]

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